Vision Statement:
Make Words a Fashion Statement

Statement of Principles:
Customized-tshirts.com believes in making our user’s words a fashion statement. We want to help our customers create products that are custom to every user. By creating custom products Customized-tshirts.com allows our users to be the designers.

Content Guidelines:
Customized-tshirts.com Content Guidelines give guidance for customers in designing customized products. With the users being allowed to design and or consulting Customized-tshirts.com for a design, the freedom for any design is in their hands. With any errors in designs, Customized-tshirts.com may deny designs and products until resolutions or errors in designs are met.

NOT – Customized-tshirts.com is not held liable for any designs that users create:
By using Customized-tshirts.com, users waive any right to hold Customized-tshirts.com liable for what they create. Creation approval is in the hands of the user, therefore any changes may result in a change order fee. This fee is the charge of the order that is in error. Many times Customized-tshirts.com can catch orders before this loss takes place. If products are in print Customized-tshirts.com is not liable for this product fee.